Friday, February 5, 2010

The "Spin Zone" at American Antiquities - #4 Our Rapid Growth

This is the fourth in this series of postings to help you understand our services.  Although we are not at the midpoint of our message, I would like to pause and reflect on where we were in our evolution at that point in time.

The time was early 1994.  We had just established a working model of our entire business plan, and were poised to impress the market with the most cost-effective, interactive, multi-media marketing service available … all we needed to do was spread the word.

For the remainder of 1994 & most of 1995 our focus was to grow our market share & expand our market footprint.  We did so by hiring sales & distribution personnel, who not only accomplished our primary goals, but also provided valuable information about others in the market.  By year-end 1995 we had blanketed Ohio & grown into the five states that border Ohio.

During that same period we added features in our print media & experimented with imaginative ways to utilize the Internet to incorporate immediacy into our service.  The titles of some of the new features were the Events Calendar, More Select Internet Sites Directory, Snapshot Gallery, Shows Section, Fairs & Festivals, & Antique America.  Some of our early ideas regarding the Internet are still in the offing, but we were among the first to offer a password-accessed & managed WebStore in the form of a web page on our website.  The WebStore project was put on hold for lack of demand, but future postings will reveal other exciting Internet innovations.

Long story short, we found our legs quickly in the media business & used them effectively to jump ahead of our contemporaries & lead the industry.  We plan to maintain our advantage by constantly looking for creative ways to better serve our customers, clients, readers, & browsers.


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