Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The "Spin Zone" at American Antiquities - #8 Dot Com Boom # 2

This is the eighth in our series of postings & covers a period of time near where we are today at American Antiquities. We were & are doing so much it is not possible to convey in one sitting the scope of our services to existing customers, let alone new prospects. The non-option of cutting back to a simpler service in the middle of Dot Com Boom # 2 seems a sure plan for disaster, so we decided to use all the new interactive information services to spin the story of American Antiquities … the "Spin Zone." See Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, & our website for the whole story.

If you are operating an ongoing business & take the time to suffer through this series of text & video messages, you will find something to help your business do better. I literally guarantee it … see our warranty at the bottom of the page "Our Bottom Line for Improving Your Bottom Line" on the index page.

Trust me, we are not going through this "Spin Zone" rigmarole because we think we’re cute or clever … we are simply trying to convey on a clear, concise & contemporary manner who we are & what we do, for both your & our benefit. That’s the way it works the best. We both contribute to each other’s success symbiotically.


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