Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The "Spin Zone" at American Antiquities - #7 Run Early – Use GPS

This is the seventh in our series of postings in the "Spin Zone" at American Antiquities. This episode deals with the trials & tribulations of travel … something with which I have extensive experience. For the record, just since the start of business December 1993, I have worn out nearly four vehicles driving more than one million miles soliciting business & delivering publications for American Antiquities. I have been lost in every major city within 600 miles of Springfield OH, &, unlike most males now understand it’s OK to stop & ask directions. Driving in an unfamiliar locale at night looking for a destination you have never before visited, using only a map to guide you can be very trying.

You may recall (See posting # 2) the original & overarching reason for The American Antiquities Journal was to help customers find you. Over the years we have upgraded & reorganized our Antique America inset maps to make them better, & until a few years ago they were the best we had to offer. Now we have two more print media publications, GPS Antique Atlas & GPS Atlas, & two websites GPSantiqueatlas.com & GPSatlas.com & offer on demand browsable CDs of both sites that are updated.

I cannot exaggerate the time, energy & money savings I enjoy using GPS when I am on the road. Handheld GPS units have been one of the most popular gift items for several years & use of the technology is growing in popularity as the concept spreads to cell phones & other devices. As usual, we were the first to see this coming & offer you a way to tap into it.


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