Friday, February 5, 2010

The "Spin Zone" at American Antiquities - #5 Growing Pains

This is the fifth in a series of "Spin Zone" postings & deals with our first set of important decisions precipitated by the way we were doing business. The problem arose because of our success, but could have been very harmful to our business if we had not made some adjustments. The crux of our dilemma was how do we continue to grow geographically & expand our client base & serve our clients as a monthly "street sheet?" i.e. hand-carry our publication to our clients & use them as distribution points to target the market.

We were at that time working in six states & running out of time to do all we need to do to operate as usual & grow. We were suffering growing pains.

The solution to the situation in which we found ourselves was threefold.
# 1 We switched from a monthly to a quarterly publication.
# 2 We upgraded our publication from a colorless loose-leaf tabloid newspaper to a tabloid magazine, stitched & trimmed with a full color front & back covers.
# 3 We used the extra time allowed by the changes to think even further outside the box for ways to better serve our customers, clients, readers & browsers.

See further postings for examples.


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